10 Benefits of Living Debt-Free

10 Benefits of Living Debt-Free Peace of mind Financial security Improved marital relationship Better health and lifestyle More free time Emergency fund lasts longer Strengthened self confidence Extra money to put towards savings More money available to invest. More time with kids and family. Living a debt-free life means different things to different families and individuals. Write

Poll Respondents More Embarrassed to Admit Credit Card Balance and Credit Score than Age or Weight

Springfield, Mo. – According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling™ (NFCC) recent online poll, when asked what they would be most embarrassed to admit, the highest number of respondents, 37 percent,  indicated it was their credit card debt.   People were given five categories from which to choose. In addition to credit card debt, the options

Tax Refund. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Many individuals or families receive a tax refund, but fall victim to spending it too fast. Money has a great way of disappearing and slipping through our fingers, so let’s really take a hard look at how that money could be spent or saved. Do you want to help with your children’s college costs?  A tax refund would be a

Debt May Spoil Cupid’s Plans This Valentine’s Day

Springfield, MO. – Cupid is up against a mighty opponent this Valentine’s Day: DEBT.  The majority of respondents participating in the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) monthly poll indicated they would have serious reservations about taking on the debt of the person they love, even to the point of ending the relationship. The NFCC January poll

Tapping into your emergency fund

  I often have informative questions when I am teaching financial awareness to the community. Here is a question I wanted to share. Question:  I am establishing an emergency fund but what reasons would I need to tap into this savings account? Answer:  Having an emergency fund is strictly for emergencies and you can decide

Don’t Let Black Friday Lead to the January Blues

At this time of year, millions of people put their financial common sense on the shelf, tucking it away into a winter hibernation of sorts, thereby making it much easier to take part in the once per year phenomenon known as Black Friday, the mother of all shopping days. The problem with this practice is

Legitimate help is available

False Perceptions of Credit Counseling Keep Consumers from Seeking Assistance The July poll on the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) website revealed that consumers have false perceptions about credit couseling which keep them from obtaining the help they need.  “The Poll numbers are disturbing on many levels,” said Joe Stokes, CEO of CCCS of

My Money Check Up – CCCS of the Ozarks

Recently the NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) started a nationwide campaign called “Sharpen Your Financial Focus”. This campaign is designed to help anyone get on the right path to financial freedom. This is exciting for CCCS for the Ozarks because we are part of this campaign and are helping people reach their financial goals. You

How to Start or Re-Start Your Monthly Budget

The hardest part about budgeting is getting started!  Here are some tips that may help you. Step One : Look at the last 2 months of your bank statements to see how much your monthly bills are and what you spend your money on. This will help you determine how much you will need to realistically

CCCS client survey

Below is a link  to our most recent client survey.  We strive hard to please our clients.  The survey can take as little as 2 minutes but not more than 10 minutes.  If you are a CCCS client, please take a few minutes to particiapte.  The results will be published in August here and on