How to Dress for less Part 2

How to Dress for less Part 2

This weekend I went to the Red Rack in Springfield, Mo. on South Kansas Expressway. It is a second hand store and I was able to find some great clothes for work and casual at a discounted price. When I tell people that I shop, mostly, second hand they have a shocked look on their face. Probably for these reasons:

  1. They don’t go to thrift stores or did a long time ago but didn’t find any good buys.
  2. The clothes and items were not up to par.
  3. They don’t want to be seen in a “Thrift Store”.
  4. They are surprised that you can buy clothes that are still in good condition and sometimes new.

If you are thinking of getting into thrift store shopping, I would encourage you to go to several stores in your area and decide where you can find the best value. Some stores may appeal more to you than others and some stores you may never shop in again and that is ok. Also, look into consignment shops because they usually have a good selection of name brand clothing.

CCCS-blue dressBlue floral dress

Purchased at Red Rack (DAV) for $5.00

Blue Shoes

Purchased at Kmart for $13.00

Total cost was $18.00

I can wear this dress numerous places which makes the deal much more valuable to me. I can wear it to work, vacation, church, and a wedding.


Jeans and white shirt

Nicole Miller New York Top with a beautiful floral print

Purchased at Red Rack for $1.50

Levi Jeans that appear to be new but no tag attached

Purchased at Red Rack for $2.50

Total cost is $4.00

This is something I can wear on the weekends, to family gatherings, and everyday activities. This was $4.00 well spent.






GLO boots with a wedge

Purchased at Kmart for $6.50

I get a lot of compliments on these and they are surprised when I tell them what I paid.

I did find these “off season” on the clearance rack. I had to wait until the weather cooled down to wear them but I am so glad I purchased these boots.



I try to buy clothes that can be worn to different activities and work functions. Honestly, my closet is not full of a ton of clothes because I mix and match.

I would love to hear what you do to cut costs and what you have done in the past that has saved you and your family money.

Beth Mincks, Financial Education and NFCC Certified Counselor