Housing Counseling

by cccozarks

Housing Counseling provides a variety of professional financial counseling services related to homeownership.


Mortgage lenders/servicers refer delinquent borrowers to HUD certified housing counseling agencies for technical assistance.
Homeowners in financial crisis can benefit from a professional financial evaluation. Our trained staff will evaluate options and aid in developing a plan to bring the mortgage current.


Homebuyer Education Classes
Potential homeowners benefit from a Homebuyer education class because it provides information to increase knowledge of the home buying process. Participants will learn who is involved with the Home buying Team, gain knowledge in selecting a home, mortgage loan terminology and the steps in the closing process.


Pre-Purchase Counseling
Potential homeowners can also benefit from a more personalized financial evaluation before they step into homeownership. Securing a low interest rate is based on having and maintaining a good credit history. A professional counselor can evaluate finances, perform a credit assessment, and make recommendations for improving credit. These tasks are best addressed in a private setting and generally take one hour. After the initial evaluation, a counselor will continue to provide guidance until the purchase is complete.


Reverse Mortgage Counseling
A reverse mortgage is a unique loan that allows people over age 62 cash access to the equity in their homes without selling or making monthly installment payments.
Homeowners who are considering a reverse mortgage are often required to seek out Reverse Mortgage counseling from a HUD or HECM/AARP certified housing counseling agency before they can make an application. CCCS has qualified counselors on staff to meet the needs of this required counseling.


Post-Purchase Counseling
This type of counseling offers a personal financial management checkup after one has purchased a home. Counselors work to establish a spending plan and discuss current loan terms.

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