Insider Secret #1

by cccozarks

Today I want to give everyone an insider tip. Honestly, its one of the simple joys in my life. I take pleasure in giving people little nuggets of knowledge that make life just a bit easier or simplier. Have you ever wondered, as you go through your mail, how on earth you get SO MANY credit card offers and junk mail? Well, here is the nugget of knowledge. You can stop all of that and save a tree or two in the process. The magic phrase is “opt-out”.

Did you know that under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies are permitted to include your name on lists used by creditors or insurers to make firm offers of credit or insurance that are not initiated by you? The FCRA also provides you the right to “Opt-Out”, which prevents Consumer Credit Reporting Companies from providing your credit file information for Firm Offers. There are two ways to opt out; call this toll-free telephone number, 888-567-8688 (sponsored by the credit reporting agencies) or go to It is the only internet website authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion for consumers to Opt-Out of firm offers of credit or insurance. You may request to Opt-Out from firm offer lists for 5 years or permanently.

Consumers should not provide their personal information to any other company or person in connection with requesting Opt-Out services under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

As for the junk mail, you can register your address with the Direct Marketing Association by going to and opt out of receiving junk mail.

So there is your nugget of knowledge-opt out. Less mail, more trees. I did this years ago and it really works! As always, I would like to have your feedback.