Legitimate help is available

by cccozarks

False Perceptions of Credit Counseling Keep Consumers from Seeking Assistance

The July poll on the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) website revealed that consumers have false perceptions about credit couseling which keep them from obtaining the help they need.

“The Poll numbers are disturbing on many levels,” said Joe Stokes, CEO of CCCS of the Ozarks. “Many well-meaning consumers have been duped by unscrupulous businesses which charged them high fees, yet delivered little if any real help. Unfortunately, these types of activities not only tar the sector, but prevent consumers from seeking the help they need.”

Here are the responses out of 2,000 poll respondents.

Q: I know I would benefit from credit counseling, but I’ve not reached out because:

A. I’m confused over where to find real help = 46%

B. My problem is beyond help = 13%

C. I can’t afford the help = 24%

D. I think I can resolve on my own = 10%

E. I’m tired of trying = 6%

“The NFCC and Consumer Credit Counseling of the Ozarks wants to send a loud message to consumers who are experiencing financial distress, and the message is that legitimate help is available,” continued Joe Stokes. “People owe it to themselves and to their family to reach out to a trained and certified financial professional for a review of their situation. Delaying action only makes the problem harder to resolve.”

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