Living with no money?

by cccozarks

I read an Yahoo Financial Fit article this morning about a young Berlin family who live with virtually no money essentially because it gets in the way of living their dreams. Its a very intriguing thought to me. The journey for them began when Rapheal went on a trip with 2 college friends and backpacked/hitchhiked from Europe to Mexico with very little money.–by-choice–and-thrives–190436599.html Here is the link for more details.

As I looked further into this idea of living with no money, I realized there is an emerging culture of people who are choosing to live this way. It is common knowledge that as a culture we want everything NOW and are generally willing to pay for it plus interest. It hasn’t always been that way. My parents never had credit cards. They saved, worked extra or did without. This “no money’ lifestyle is radical and most admit it as so. They go on to say everyone can live with less money in varying degrees but must be willing to alter their lifestyle.

We spend a great deal of time at CCCS, and here in this blog ,talking about money; how it feels to use it wisely or misuse it. I can say in counseling hundreds of clients over the years, they are happiest when they have less debt.

What if we could take that a step further? What if you could trade..less money for more time? Doesn’t time have value in today’s culture? I believe it certainly does. Time allows us to be with loved ones, volunteer, find our true calling and indulge our passions in life. So, as you think to a future of becoming debt free, maybe you can also dream of becoming rich in a whole new way.