Tax Refund. Now you see it, now you don’t.

by cccozarks

Beth Mincks, NFCC Certified Financial Professional

Money has a great way of disappearing and slipping through our fingers, so let’s really take a hard look at how that money could be spent or saved.

Do you want to help with your children’s college costs? A tax refund would be a great way to kick start that fund or add to what you have already saved.

Do want to start a savings account or an emergency fund? Allot a specific amount of your refund to this account.

Do you have debt, such as credit cards or small loans, you want to pay off? Debt hovers over us like a looming cloud, constantly reminding us to pay. Wouldn’t it be liberating to have one less bill to pay? Being free from overwhelming debt gives you confidence and it is one step closer to financial freedom.

What I am trying to accomplish is for everyone to consider all options when you have money coming your way and to consciously spend it. Break free of this cycle: Now you see it, now you don’t.

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